…if only it could be this easy…

by Tom Wilson and Tom Wilson, Jr.

kerouacKerouac quote is from The Dharma Bums…released the year after On The Road…both tucked away here on the shelves inside and at home…

[h/t to Design Crush for the image...]


From Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide to Getting Lost:

Read more about the book here at Brain Pickings

…and your moment of zen:


[h/t to Library Journal for their Friday humor...]

Thinker, lifter, and entrepreneur James Clear reflects on the keystroke count:


portrait-of-josep-cardona-1899.jpg!LargePortrait of Josep Cardona
(completed 1899)
Pablo Picasso
oil on canvas

Entire post is here

[h/t to Jacob Sam-La Rose for the lead in...I should visit more often...]

From Grant Snider and his Incidental Comics:

snider corrections
Seems like a good plan to start with…

Note:  Post removed…I defer to my ancestors and sensibilities…

But the art and the artist stay…

used bookstore clerkUsed Bookstore Clerk
Laura Caseley
ink on paper
Illustration for Inconnu Magazine, Secrets of a Used Bookstore Clerk

Ania interviews illustrator Andrea Tsurumi

tsurumi final sketchbook turtle
sketchbook turtle and tree
illustration by Andrea Tsurumi

Th rest of the interview here

Go see more of her work and stuff here

library mottophoto via Philly.com

New Library In Moorestown, NJ Features Erroneous Latin Inscription

Moorestown, N.J. (CBSNewYork) They were literally set in stone, but words inscribed at a New Jersey library are changing nevertheless.

The brand new Moorestown Library features a medallion engraved in Latin reading, “Nos secundus coniecto omnia.”

Library planners thought the phrase meant “We confirm all things twice,” but in fact it means “We second guess all,” CBS 2 reported.

“We will pay to remove the entire medallion and reset a new one,” said architect Rick Ragan.

The words, however, weren’t the only problem. The date featured on the building is also incorrect.

It was supposed to read 1853, the year the library friends group was founded, but instead it reads 1653.

That will also be fixed.

The kicker – the Latin words were inscribed around an e-reader.

Gotta love it.


wumo aerobicsWumo
by Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler
(*wu and mo…gotta love it…)

Heading into the Emerald Isle (NYC) today – will be visiting NYU Advanced Media Studio to see some 3D printing in action…my newest obsession…

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