From this Sunday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal:

A Chicago plaintiff’s lawyer is out to redeem some of the country’s longest languishing gift cards.

In a petition filed this month with the U.S. Supreme Court, attorney Clinton Krislov is making a last-ditch effort to recover some value for holders of gift cards sold by Borders Group, the book chain that went under four years ago.

The defunct retailer estimates customers never redeemed 17.7 million gift cards worth $210.5 million by the time it shut its doors in September 2011.

The Borders bankruptcy estate still has nearly $8 million left for professional fees and creditors. Mr. Krislov said a ruling in his clients’ favor could tap into that money, and that he thinks he would be entitled to claw back some of the roughly $100 million already paid to unsecured creditors.

“There is money still remaining,” Mr. Krislov said. “Many assume when they see the place go bankrupt that there is no money around.”

Let’s do the numbers…

$210.5 million dollars worth of unredeemed gift cards.

$8 million left in the estate for “professional fees”…and creditors.

I think we’d better stick with paperbacks…

bordersGetty Images

llstedGirl Reading a Letter in an Interior
Peter Ilsted, 1908
oil on canvas

[h/t to Edwin Turner at Biblioklept for the lead in to the artist…]

Dean Young & John Marshall

 Do what you gotta do…

Poet Anne Shaw at First Book Interviews:


anne shaw and reillyAnne Shaw and Reilly
photo by Allie Leach

 [Sorry…late addition… h/t to Jacob Sam-LaRose over at miscellany for the lead in…I hit the buzzer too fast…]

Nothing ever just ends.

Oh, there’s a lead-up of sorts – hints, signs, signals, symptoms. It happens. Not at once though but a gentle slide out. Then when you turn to look, only odd bits of furniture are left, pieces of newsprint, old and unpaired shoes. Your fingertips leave strings of thought in the dust on the desktop. Initials are carved in the wood, notes pinned to the wall, unexplained titles and quotes.

It’s all there really if you just look.

Is there any excuse? What’s to say? The food was lousy, the band was too loud, the alcohol was cheap and the dancing too fast. It just can’t be undone.

And yet…

hopperOffice in a Small City
Edward Hopper, 1953

via Brainpickings:

loving a dog2
-excerpted from What’s a Dog For?: The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy, and Politics of Man’s Best Friend by John Homans

dogpublic domain photograph via Flickr Commons
(see here at Brainpickings…)

cat napblue bowls
photo © Jeff Kopito

attention please

Sometimes you just gotta go with the media flow…

[Note – Haven’t been able to find origin of illustration…]

From “Weird Things Customers Say In Bookstores“:

Customer: “We’ve found some really old books in the attic. Would you be interested in buying them?”

Bookseller: “That depends, what sort of books are they?”

Customer: “Well, one of them is a copy of ‘Gone with the Wind,’ printed in the 1890s.”

Bookseller: “Well, you know, ‘Gone with the Wind’ was written in the 1930s.”

Customer: “Well, yeah, but this is a really old copy.”

There’s something to be said about that…

More here

leigh gable mitchellVivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Margaret Mitchell, David Selznick, and
Olivia de Havilland at the “Gone With the Wind” film premiere
in Atlanta, December 15, 1939.

…sorry…just gotta do it…

belle on couchYour Monday morning Belle…
photo © Jeff Kopito

© Bill Israel

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