Want to freak out a newsroom full of college journalists?

Sit them down at manual typewriters and ask them to plunk “2011″ onto a piece of paper.

They’ll only make it halfway.

“Mine’s broken!” one reporter at Florida Atlantic University yelled a couple of Saturdays ago, when we launched the inaugural ALL ON PAPER project. “There’s no number 1 key.”

“This one is busted, too!” yelled another.

“They’re not broken,” I replied. “Manual typewriters didn’t have a number 1 key. They used a lower-case L instead.”

“Seriously?” asked the first reporter.

Managing editor Mariam Aldhahi was stymied after typing her first line. “What do I do now?” she asked. “There’s no RETURN key.”

journoterrorist, How To Build A Newsroom Time Machine

Read about the ALL ON PAPER project at Florida Atlantic University, and how “student reporters, editors, photographers, and designers have turned off the newsroom iMacs and stowed the digital cameras…publishing their final issue of the summer on machinery that’s older than they are.”

[h/t to Jan Timmons who reminded me where I came from…]