It’s still hours before the force of the storm will land here on Long Island. Right now, nearly 10 PM, the weather seems to be coming in small waves.

Just finished watching The Men Who Stare At Goats – fun to watch the dry humor of both George Clooney and Jeff Bridges in the same film. When the final credits rolled, decided to take one last run at the supermarket for a few items. The rain was coming down somewhat hard with enough breeze to form an applause up in the trees. Took my car down to the main avenue – the smaller of the markets was closed but at the larger market, there were still a few cars in the lot and I could see a few bobbing heads at the register.

Picked up some fresh fruit, cookies my son requested, and some almond milk, my newest obsession. The market was deserted except for the few workers that were still there. Many shelves had been emptied out – along the back wall, all the meat and cold cuts were gone, half empty skids of water sat in the aisles. Saw several of the workers emptying out the cheese cabinets no doubt to put them in better refrigerated storage. The quiet was in sharp contrast to the crowd that had filled the aisles just a few hours earlier.

Had my pick of two cashiers who stood sleepily at the registers. Once I checked out, I returned to my car, but now the wind had completely died down and the rain had stopped. It became just another humid August night after a rare rainfall. I had the only car that moved in the lot and onto the side street.

Since it wasn’t raining, decided to take Old Pepper out for her last walk of the evening. The air was thick but quiet, the sky overcast, the streets glossy with the aftermath of the rain. Old Pepper did what she had to do and decided that she didn’t want to linger. As we walked back to the house, the wind started to pick up a bit and some drops came down.

My niece sent me a text message from where she was staying with her parents, my sister and brother-in-law. Traded a few lines and she told me that for the first time in 30 years, she was playing cards with her father to pass the time.

I remembered on the weekend nights when I was growing up, when my father was in the living room watching the old black and white, my mother and I would also sit and play card games. The woman who this storm is named after.

Got any hearts?

Go fish.