Most new products are designed to fill a need, create a new market or just make something better. Aaron Draplin’s product is none of these things. It’s three staples, paper and cardboard with a simple brand name—Field Notes—printed across the front, and its function is simple: something on which to write shit down.

“One hundred years ago, everybody had to write,” Draplin says. “What do we have now? A bunch of fucking dicks with iPhones. No one can write, no one can spell. We’re losing that shit.”

The Write Stuff:  Field Notes makes paper fashionable again, Willamette Week, 8/31/2011

FIELD RESEARCH: Aaron Draplin’s studio
is filled with hundreds of old notebooks, ledgers and pamphlets.
Image © Megan Holmes

“Really, it just comes down to this: Just write shit down.”  Gotta love him…

[h/t to Vijayendra Mohanty..]