“In that spellbound moment when we’re suddenly willing to call this the only home we’ll ever want on earth, New York lets us into a bigger secret yet: that it ‘gets’ us, that we needn’t worry about those dark and twisted, spectral thoughts we are far too reluctant to tell others about – it shares the exact same ones itself.

And suddenly I realize what this all about – from Melville, Whitman, Crane to Lorca, de Chirico, Cummings, Camus – the miracle of intimacy with a place that may be more in us that it is ever out there on the pavement, because there may be more of us projected on every one of its streets than there is of the city itself.”

– excerpted from the essay, “New York, Luminous”, from the collection, Alibis, by Andre Aciman

Looking west along East 59th Street, NYC © Jeff Kopito, 2011