Do not misunderstand. I’m all for a nice bit of work efficiency, for avoiding procrastination and getting down to the business of cranking out your own brand of special juicy goodness; I’m all for feeling a fine and gratifying sense of accomplishment at the end of it all, even though it’s fleeting and transitory and the very next morning, hey look, a nice new pile of stuff waiting for you.

…We are, by and large, utterly terrified of silence, stillness, spaciousness, the doing of nothing so as to feel the totality of everything. Meditation, for most, is disquieting and strange. Deep quiet feels weird and dangerous, a void aching to be filled. The Internet has us convinced that the world is a roaring fire hose of urgent information, and if you can’t swallow it all, well, something must be wrong with you.

Hurry up, get more done, and die, by Mark Morford, SF Gate columnist

My ship has sailed. My engine has run out of gas. I was left at the altar. The door is closed. Stuck in a drift. I ran out of steam.

Will be back soon…overwhelmed…  – J.