Projected onto the Verizon building last night, downtown NYC

It’s been two months now since the Occupy Wall Street protests began. Some have made the comparison to the protests of the 60’s against the Vietnam War. Certainly some of the confrontations between police and protesters seem familiar. But this is 40 years down the road. The technology of protest has changed.

We have a generation that is more familiar with instantaneous connection than posters and flyers. Meetings planned days ahead can now be turned into flash mobs within a few moments notice. As an expression of media, newspapers are too slow and television coverage is too late. Streaming video, cell phones, tablets – all posted within minutes if not real time on YouTube and blogs, twittered and tumbled. Fields of protests have been changed to a button on a pocket device.

Agitprop – there’s an app for that…

[Photo credit @macfathom, via Dependable Renegade…]