Today marks 4 years since I ended treatment for cancer.

On November 19, 2007, three days before Thanksgiving, I came home from my final radiation treatment. My wife had been with me. When I met her by the elevator in the basement of Beth Israel, I put my arms around her and said, “Done – let’s go home and recover.” And here I still am.

The treatment left me so fatigued I could barely stay awake for more than fifteen minutes at a time. I had lost my voice and couldn’t swallow, all side effects of the radiation. My wife had wanted to cancel our annual family Thanksgiving gathering at our house feeling that I should just be given time and space to rest. But I said no – I wanted to hear their voices and I wanted to have them surround her with the support that she also needed. And they came. Rumor had it that I wandered out of the bedroom once or twice to sit at the table but I have absolutely no memory of it.

I have no profound statements to make about cancer. But one thing I discovered is I pay more attention to details. A sunrise isn’t just a sunrise anymore. An egg isn’t just an egg.

I started this blog within my first year of recovery. All of you helped me thru. Your voices, comments, and emails, kept me company as I regained my weight and strength. My posts weren’t exactly about cancer – but they were. Just another way for me to attempt to understand my world.

Thank you all for your friendship and your posts. I feel blessed to have met you, to have corresponded with you, to have read your own voices thru your own writing.You have no idea how much it has meant to me.

Live your life, live it all, live it every day. Onward we go!