“While I photographed Anouk, she talked about her role as Justine. Justine is Jewish. Anouk, whose maiden name was Dreyfus, was born of a Jewish father and a Catholic mother. She was brought up a Catholic but had since become Jewish. Because she was immersed in her role as a Jew, she talked about it, and I’m still haunted by two things she quoted. They seemed to say more about her than anything else I experienced with her during the three weeks I knew her on the film.

Quote from Treblinka: “The Jews are prone to anguish but seldom given to despair.

And said by an anonymous Jewish poet: “Till now we have lived with fear, now we can know hope.”

– Eve Arnold writing in her photography memoir, Eve Arnold: Film Journal

Anouk Aimee, on the set of Justine by Eve Arnold, 1968

And another Brunette to fall hopelessly in love with…