Drove #1 Son to work today and was listening to my usual public radio station. The waves are filled with talk radio today and I’m the prime audience – I’ll listen to anything that tries to explain the world to me.

In one segment, a caller called to complain about particualr body odors being expelled by fellow fliers on long transcontinental flights. The moderator turned it over to “Captain Bob” for an explanation.

It’s a well recognized problem, Captain Bob said. Some of it is pure physics – as the plane climbs, the air pressure in the cabin falls while the air pressure inside the body remains the same. And as all things must be equalized…

Seems that the flight attendants, especially on international red-eye flights, will often avoid the cabin area as much as possible because of this…problem. But sometimes, on a particularly expressive flight, they may retaliate by walking down the aisle and extend their own atmospheric offerings.

It’s referred to as “crop dusting.”

Captain Bob offered that in order to escape the effects of…ahem…crop dusting, you should bring some gifts or candy on board for the crew. Maybe even a box of chocolates to avoid the fly-by. They may just give you a bit of a reprieve and take their crop dusting further afield.

Then again, maybe you could wear this shirt that I found online this morning:

May even be cheaper than that small box of Godiva you were planning on bringing. Comes in long sleeve version too…