“The dynamic tension between stability and change lies at the heart of rereading. Every renewed exchange between book and reader contains elements of both, and both provide pleasure. Our psychic needs vary, and reread books answer different needs at different times.

Seeking solace, we return to a treasure children’s book. A beloved piece of light fiction answers our yearning for pure recreation. We find excitement in a rousing plot even though we already know how it will turn out; we contemplate our past as we reread something first encountered in adolescence.”

– from On Rereading, by Patricia Meyer Spacks

Timeless Books –  © Lin Pernille

Picked up the book yesterday from my local library. Handed my card to the young lady behind the counter who used to babysit my kids when we were new in the neighborhood. She now has one of her own and lives in the corner house down the block.

Also said hello to the librarian and congratulated her on her new baby – she’s the older sister of one of my son’s friends from grade school. Then wandered the stacks of new books to see if there was anything interesting in the poetry and cooking sections.

Spent some time saying hello to neighbors, old friends, and good books. No cost. But lots of profit.

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