Maybe you’ve slept in a bit this morning or maybe the chemicals hit and you woke up startled thinking about shirts and shoes, and cracking eggs into a pan, and oh my God how did it get so late I have to get to work.

Maybe it was an easier start and the only interruption to your blissful sleep was a dog’s wet nose or the weight of the eyes of the Buddha cat staring at you from the foot of the bed.

Yes, yes. The grass needs to be mowed, the oil changed in the car – a dinner to plan for tonight or tomorrow with lists to be drawn up and dollars assigned. Or maybe…there are no plans. Well – horrors to that! What good is an unplanned life!

So let’s start Saturdays easy with a bit of the spoken word. I don’t get to poetry much myself these days. But listening to poetry – it’s good to make time for that. It doesn’t take long. But it will last the rest of the day.

Sarah Kay is a young poet well known for her spoken word performances. She is also the founder of V.O.I.C.E., (Vocal Outreach Into Creative Expression), that encourages people, particularly teenagers, to use spoken word as a tool for understanding the world and as a medium for self expression.

In this poem, Love Letter from the Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tire, she turns simple, overlooked objects into a love story that, in the end, as silly as it seems, make perfect sense.

Like most love stories…