In some odd way, I’ve been enjoying Tubing At The Movies, watching a movie a day while deep in oxygenation. No one has figured out my exact taste since the picks have ranged from martial arts to romance and spy thrillers. Maybe they really aren’t that different?

On Wednesday, it was To Kill A Mockingbird. I’ve seen the film before but my memory only recalled the courtroom drama and the events that led up to it. This time, I was more taken with the relationship of Scout and Jem and the intricate lives that children can weave.

Thursday was another of my favorites, Chocolat, with Juliette Binoche as the magical shop owner who offers potions of chocolate and romance.

It’s a wondrous mix of sensation and heart – and as the Brunette at the center, Vianne (Binoche), stole mine.

For me, the best line in the movie was when Vianne came out of the back of the shop one morning and was surprised by the stiff and humorless Mayor played beautifully by Alfred Molina.

Holding up a tray of sweets, she looks up at him with a smile and says:

“Good morning! Can I interest you in some Nipples of Venus?”


Oh – and let’s not forget Judi Dench, Lena Olin, and Johnny Depp as Roux…no coincidence I think about the food reference. Go look it up. There’s an app for that… heh…

By the way, Carrie-Ann Moss also shows as the statuesque Caroline…first fell in love with her when I saw The Matrix…wait…another movie possibility?