Oscar Brown Jr. was not a man easily defined. Labels like songwriter, composer, actor, singer, director, producer, playwright all fit, but not quite. He was also an activist, a visionary, and a social commentator. As influenced by the Harlem Renaissance as he was by the Civil Rights Movement, Brown had a desire to create and to communicate. “I wanted to present a picture of black culture to anyone who could hear it,” the Los Angeles Times quoted him as saying. In doing so he penned over 1,000 songs, recorded 11 albums, and wrote several plays. T

Despite his age, his voice was still commanding and his message still relevant. Three years later (1998), Brown recorded the live album Live Every Minute during a tour of Europe. He was 72 at the time. Over the next few years Brown toured worldwide, headlining shows and appearing at political rallies, including several against the Iraq War. He also became an honored guest on the Russell Simmons show Def Poetry Jam.

– excerpted from a biography at Answers.com

Brown was born 1926, in Chicago, IL; died on May 29, 2005…he performed this piece when he was in his 70’s…age is insignificant…