“Over the years I have collected so many books that, in aggregate, they can fairly be called a library. I don’t know what percentage of them I have read. Increasingly I wonder how many of them I will ever read. This has done nothing to dampen my pleasure in acquiring more books.

But it has caused me to ponder the meaning they have for me, and the fact that to me they epitomize one great aspect of the goodness of life.”

* * * *

“I love the writers of my thousand books…I love the large minority of the writers on my shelves who have struggled with words and thoughts and, by my lights, have lost the struggle.

All together they are my community, the creators of the very idea of books, poetry, and extended narratives, and of the amazing human conversation that has taken place across millennia, through weal and woe, over the heads of interest and utility.”

– excerpted from the essay, Imagination and Community,
from the book, When I Was A Child I Read Books, by Marilynne Robinson

© Frieda R.

This is the essay I opened to when I took the title off the library shelf. There are so many quotes to be had throughout this piece, and the rest of the title. Get this book.

And here’s an idea – take this out from your local library free of charge. With renewals, you’ve got up to 6 weeks to read. Then donate the money to them that you would have spent on downloading the e-version. Your library, and the community they support, could use the help…more than Amazon…

Then after you’ve read it,  if you really want to own it, look it up on Indiebound and see where you can buy it from your local independent bookstore.

Kindle that…or not…

[h/t to teaching literacy for the lead-in to the photo…]