“The essence of belief is doubt, the essence of reality is questioning. The essence of Time is Flow, not Fix. The essence of faith is the knowledge that all flows and that everything must change.

“Perhaps this is our strange and haunting paradox here in America — that we are fixed and certain only when we are in movement. At any rate, that is how it seemed to young George Webber, who was never so assured of his purpose as when he was going somewhere on a train.

“And he never had the sense of home so much as when he felt that he was going there. It was only when he got there that his homelessness began.”

 You Can’t Go Home Again, by Thomas Wolfe

Shoe Shine Boy [Mickey and a friend walking down the street.]
Stanley Kubrick, Look Magazine 1947

[h/t to Older Nephew and Younger Niece for the lead in to the thought…photo via Museum of the City of New York…]