I was never much of a spectator  – I’ll watch a playoff game, a superbowl, part of Wimbeldon, and maybe a leg or two of the the Tour de France. I’ve been to one hockey game, one basketball game, one tennis match, and 3 baseball games (2 major, 1 minor). Amazing since I grew up with fanatics whose heads were either buried in the sports pages of the Daily News or listening to the games on portable radios.

I was also a gym rat and spent a good number of years in a Brooklyn storefront gym  training next to some incredible competitors including Lou Ferrigno who was 18 years old at the time, over 6 ft. tall, weighed in at 300 lbs, and, considering his intimidating size, one of the most humble human beings I’d ever met. I also watched the workouts of the big names like Dennis Tinerino, Pete Caputo, and Steve Michalik who ungraciously tossed me off a bicep machine. More than once I was given strong advice to stop shining hubcaps while the rest of the car needed more serious work.

My son seems to have picked up the gene, now works as a strength and conditioning coach and is heading to Pennsylvania this weekend for a strongman competition.

But as he and I both know, strength is not in the muscle – it’s in the heart.

Every month I meet with my fellow cancer veterans, some who’ve been changed in many ways both inside and out. Yet we sit for several hours as friends having coffee, talking about day to day. We also welcome some unfortunate newcomers and provide them the guidance, support, insight, and inspiration to get them thru the toughest times of treatment and recovery.
To prove to them, by illustration and example, that there are things you’ll always have and that no disease, no treatment, no surgeon’s knife can ever take away from you.

The video this morning is about people who have combined all of the above, the physical, the spiritual, the effort and determination to move ahead . Rather than being reduced by the struggles – they excelled.

I’m unable to embed it – but go meet and watch The Superhumans…the paralympians of 2012…

[UPDATE – The British company, Channel 4 – I won’t link to them since they grab your browsing information – first prevented video embedding via YouTube, then blocked it. Now they’ve removed it completely from their site as well with the only message that they are not allowing it be viewed in the US and possibly anywhere out of Britain.  I’ve since picked it up via The Telegraph. And sorry about the addy interrupter…unavoidable these days..  – J.]

(click on image for video…)

Now back to our regular programming…