I took the folded clothes from the hamper
and put them in the dresser. Finally.
Hung up her dress with the whales on it.
Made sure the hangers all turned the same direction
and left for the grocery store.
Went by way of the tall grass.

All this cement. It wishes
for something else in itself.

The super market is a temple of air conditioning.
Picked up almond milk and fish. The doors sing when they move.
Got dizzy on the walk back and drank water when I got home.
I need to visit the eye doctor.
I made a quiet sandwich for lunch.
Ate in the living room of our tiny house
before opening the world again.

It is hard work being a poet.

All this daylight one must contend with.

– excerpted from Five Poems by Anis Mojgani

Also have him reading at Spoken Saturday….