At the Orient Country Store, there’s a little bit of anything the mostly commercial-free community at the end of the North Fork might need.

As of this spring, that includes books, books on tape, DVDs and magazines, courtesy of the Floyd Memorial Library in Greenport.

Twice a month, assistant library director Poppy Johnson brings a curated selection from the Greenport library – about six miles away – to the country store.

“I can check in, check out, answer reference questions and just talk to people,” said Johnson, who has been a librarian in Greenport, where she’s lived for more than 20 years. “It’s a good way to remind people about everything we do.”

Johnson does more talking than checking out. “People are still getting used to us being here,” she said, greeting the customers that walk into to the store – many by name – and asking them about their days, their families and news around the town.

“The library is not the building,” she said, “the library is the people and the desire to share, and you can do that anywhere.”

– excerpted from the print edition of “Orient Country Store turns into library twice a month“, Long Island Newsday, 7/31/12

Photo credit: Erin Geismar

Spending time with your neighbors, sharing family, community news…and books…

Guess you can Kindle that…or not…