It seems to me that accepting loneliness is to have faith—to embrace the tides of life.  I suppose that faith comes in many forms.  Religion.  The goodness, or potential goodness, of people.  Spirituality.  Work or passion.  But to subsist with some form of contentment is to have faith, isn’t it?

I find faith in myself, and in a few of the choice people I’ve surrounded myself with, even when they’ve lost it themselves.  I feel lonely when this faith is lost—when faith is broken in me or those around me.  It’s impossible for this faith not to break now and again.

It’s impossible not to experience loneliness.  But to run from loneliness—to reject it—is to run from life itself.

– excerpted from “Have Some Faith in Loneliness” by Geoff Watkinson
Used Furniture Review, 8/12/2012

Morning Meditation – Kayaking on Smith Mountain Lake
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