In Roald Dahl’s book, The BFG (big friendly giant), a little girl named Sophie (after Dahl’s granddaughter) sees a giant one night blowing something into bedroom windows. He tells Sophie that he’s the world’s only benevolent giant who collects good dreams and distributes them to children. Using his immense ears, he can hear these dreams, which end up as floating, blob-like objects that he collects and then blows into the bedrooms of children via a trumpet-like horn into the bedrooms of children.

A 7-year-old-girl named Amy heard this story and with the help of her father, collected a combination of oil, colored water, and glitter in a bottle, and sent it to Dahl who recognized it as one of Amy’s dreams as in the story he wrote.

Dahl sent her back this wonderful response:

[h/t to Letters of Note for the backstory… Wikipedia for the story outline…original lead-in from Mental Floss, 11 Amazing Thank You Notes from Famous People…]