Short attention span? How about great literature in 17 syllables?

Neither Buddhist priests nor Japanese poets, Alyson Shatsky (writer, editor, niece) and workmate Shaun Randol have created a couple of their own:

Moby Dick, Herman Melville:

Call me Ishmael
Captain Ahab hunts white whale
In the end, whale wins

To Kill A Mockingbird
, Harper Lee:

Lawyer Atticus
Stands up to town racism
Demi names kid Scout

Their inspiration – 100 Great Books in Haiku by David Bader. The Eastern version of Cliff Notes (does anybody use that anymore?).

Click on link for additional samples from the book.

Now – go write a couple of your own…it’s as easy as 5-7-5….


Moby Dick – the Hollywood version
He rises in air
Ahab lashed with harpoon lines
They both go under.
– J.