The curators of the Library of Congress have released a list of books that they feel were most influential on shaping America. They agree that these are just their opinion and both taste and influence is highly debatable in the context of final picks. But I’ve gotten some satisfaction that we agree on one that I listed earlier as my own personal pick –  Catch-22 (buy | borrow). And J.D. Salinger was also listed – although I picked Franny and Zooey (buy | borrow) while they picked The Catcher in the Rye (buy | borrow).

The list is broken down by half-century from 1750-2000 and is primarily made up of American authors. I checked into the 1950-2000 period – although for me, I’d say it was 1951 to 1981, the first 30 years of my life, where the books I read really took their hold.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue exploring flash fiction with the encouragement of Kelcey Parker over at ph.d. in creative writing – a category of short short stories completed in just a few paragraphs. And one I’m exploring as my own story telling style. But that’s another…well…story….

What are you reading this weekend?

Leslie Caron reading in her dressing room
during the filming of ‘The Man with a Cloak’, 1951

[h/t to My Imaginary Brooklyn for the lead in to the LOC article and to Awesome People Reading for the above photo…]