“There were 68 handbills taped to the windows and brick wall of Famous Ray’s Pizza at Avenue of the Americas and 11th Street and 24 on nearby lampposts and traffic light boxes and 17 on a phone booth up the block at 5 o’clock when Detective Michael Meehan of Midtown South, a mourning band over his shield, stopped by with a thick roll of tape to affix three more.

“One was for his brother Damian, who worked for Carr Futures on the 94th floor of the north tower and was last heard on his office phone asking another brother, Eugene, a fireman, for instructions.

“A television broadcast van parked across from St. Vincent’s was covered with missing handbills, too, several of them for police officers and firefighters. One was a postcard showing the twin towers with a handwritten message:

”They are missing…”

After the Attacks, Posting Handbills as Votive Offerings, in Hope of Finding Missing Loved Ones, NY Times, 9/14/2001

Photo via sarj.org

Previously posted my own recollection in NYC on the day of the attack…

[h/t to Jeremiah Moss at Vanishing New York for the lead in to the article and photo…]