News 12 gives us some background

Ray Leonard knows a thing or two about monster storms. In fact, he’s the skipper of the Satori, the 32-foot sailboat that rode out THE perfect storm 21 years ago.

And if he had loved ones living in the path of Hurricane Sandy, which was barreling north from the Caribbean and already was responsible for dozens of deaths, he’d tell them to get out before they need to be saved.

“Don’t be rash,” the 85-year-old sailor said in a telephone interview Saturday from his home in Fort Myers, Fla. “I would be sure that I had a vehicle that was pretty substantial. I would be sure I had a decent supply of fuel and water _ and Graham crackers.”

Why Graham crackers?

“Well,” he said, “I LIKE Graham crackers. But you COULD have Oreos.”

Fear and loathing in Long Island…
by Jim Davis

Family and four-leggeds hunkered down at home just north of Sandy’s predicted landfall. Deck is cleared, weaker of the windows has been covered in plastic sheeting, water and dry food stocked and stored.

And we have Oreos.

It’s Monday…and I’m not feeling better yet…