John Lingan writes of his second hand bookstore shopping spree with the best-read man in America, Michael Dirda:

It was past seven o’clock. Dark had fallen and the shop would be closing soon. Dirda’s final pile included the Bradbury, Davies, Twain, the Zola bio, and an extremely handsome book of Cézanne prints that he’d poached, in passing, from the Art shelf.

There were others, things I didn’t recognize and things that looked, in all honesty, like juvenile garbage. But if I’d learned anything by following him around, it was that you don’t get to be the best-read man in America by giving a damn about someone else’s taste. You buy and read books that entice you for small reasons like a good cover or an intelligent introduction, books that appeal to your eccentricities.

You keep as many books as possible nearby because they are in fact the very record of your eccentricities.

I would guess then I’m a very willing and able eccentric – my assorted stacks contain and speak volumes…

Alice the Used Book Cat
photo via Tyler (aka trpO)