The grid has been patched together and we’ve got all our services back. Odd-even gas rationing ends tonight although the lines at the service stations cleared up a few days ago. There are still some tree clearing crews making back roads almost impassable with heavy equipment and container trucks loading the largest of the massive trunks that have been dropped to the side. Some power lines still sag and poles lean towards the road in exhausted grief. It’s been nearly three weeks but the wreckage still litters neighborhoods, both burnt and broken.

What I’ve predicted, what anyone could easily predict, is that a committee has been formed and a full investigation will be launched. The appointed members – lawyers and business executives – will examine why our power company failed so badly in restoring service and its lack of communication with everyone affected including their own crews. Even the governor has remarked that the system, whichever one you choose, is beyond repair.

I tread lightly in my own house now. I feel as if it’s not mine, as if it could be taken away from me at any moment. Odd that it may seem, I relate to the after effects of this with lessons I learned as a cancer survivor. That you stay flexible, you adapt, you get thru. And when people ask how I’m doing, I still give them the same answer – that any day I can get up out of my own bed, fix my own breakfast, and get dressed in my own clothes, is a good day.

It’s Friday. We made it.

The morning after…Syosset, Long Island