Kurt develops some new inexpensive apps for holiday gift giving:

Good Food® – Go to the market or grocery store, purchase fresh ingredients and seasonings.  Combine those ingredients to prepare foods and consume them with family members and friends as you sit and talk about random subjects.  Repeat regularly, if not daily.  Modeled after your grandmother.

Written Word® – Get a blank sheet of paper and write a letter to someone.  Thank them for something and tell them what you have been doing.  Tell them how you think about something.  If necessary use the back of the paper or even a second or third sheet.  Ask them to write you back.  Modeled after society pre-1990.

Library Discover® – Find the section of the library you like most – biographies, fiction, children’s, do-it-yourself – and look at the book titles as you walk down the aisles with your hands comfortably behind your back.  Pick out an interesting book, go to the counter, check it out, take it home and read it.  Modeled after many successful people.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all – welcome to the holiday gateway…

Family Grace
by Norman Rockwell, 1938

h/t to Steve Layman for the lead in to the image…more here including some old Saturday Evening Post covers…

Not to forget – local resources and assistance for Sandy survivors via Long Island Newsday