It’s been a long week. Maybe two.

The yard behind the house was cleared of Sandy debris using chainsaws and hand labor. A few hours and a few good men and a few hundred years of trees were cleared away or trimmed. Only the fence now is left on the ground and repairs most likely will wait until spring.

Driving to work today still shows some Sandy memorabilia – heaps of trunks and branches by the side of the roads and still downed power lines with rotted trees heaped over them. And where the repairs have been made, it astounds me that they threaded the replacement cables through the branches of the trees that were still standing. We haven’t learned our lessons well.

I’ve also upgraded my technology and with my distractible and obsessive personality – a very complex arrangement – I was unable to accomplish anything but to get my new phone working. I initially had gone into a Verizon store to order it but at the register when I was given total damages – which somehow always ends up more than that neat little placard they have on the display – I decided to order online and wait the two days. When I got home that night, seems that someone in the store had already beat me to my account, ordered a top end smartphone, and shipped it to an address in Chicago I didn’t recognize. That took about a week to straighten out.

The phone came last Friday but sat on the dining room table for two extra days while I worked up my courage. I knew this was going to be an aggravation so waited for my most confident moment. Then I grabbed a scissor to cut the tape, opened the flaps, and screamed, “I’m going in!”

Phone worked great for three days. Then locked up. Went to Verizon store – turns out my Microsoft Exchange server locked out my phone when I set up my email. Who knew? I didn’t.

Then multiple projects at work suddenly went into gridlock at the intersection of calendars and cash. It’s that time of year when budget money has to be spent or given up so managers that have been avoiding me for months now suddenly want to friend me. Problem is that cash may be unlimited but the calendar isn’t. So negotiations both inside and outside my office have been ongoing thru the evening hours. Leaving me little time for creative thought other than how am I going to get all this done within the next 30 days.

So my absence has its reasons. Too much access. Not enough time. Who knew?