Jessica Love seizes the editorial red pen and creates a new sub-cultural category:

You can find him in the café down the street, the one that serves fair-trade coffee and takes a dollar off if you donate a canned good at Christmas….He’s the one championing—sometimes fashionably, often genuinely—a just, diverse, and open-minded America.

And he’s the one who passes a misspelled sign on the florist’s door and spends the next 10 minutes hating the world and every last moron in it. He is the liberal grammar fanatic (LGF), and he is, at least in my circles, ubiquitous.

The LGF judges the contents of his neighbors’ shopping cart: Spam, Coors, and white bread—nary an organic vegetable in sight! But the sight doesn’t cause him actual pain. God help us all, however, if the meat counter advertises that “theirs a special” on drumsticks.

She then proposes several hypotheses regarding LGF behavior. Of which I admit my guilt.

Loose vs. lose is just a mere cultural and excusable difference…so she says…