It was a concert ripe for appreciation…if not a bit of snark.

The show was hard to avoid since it was on every other channel from cable to regular broadcast. They made a lot of noise and hopefully many donations for Sandy relief.

But I couldn’t help wondering whether there was more gray hair on the stage or in the audience. And Roger Waters definitely gets the Clint Eastwood Empty Chair Award for wandering the stage grinning at the audience for several minutes before he finally picked up the microphone.

Bon Jovi – leather shirts and medallions? Really? By the way guys, drop the skinny jeans and too short shirts. Muffin tops really affect the mood.

Why was Adam Sandler’s guitar taken away before he started? Why didn’t they leave the guitar and take Sandler away? Who suggested that he add his own crazy bar mitzvah bad-boy lyrics to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah?

By 9:30 I’d had it and my daughter switched over to one of her Wives of New Jersey reality shows. I knew the Stones were coming on but figured I’ll DVR it and come back tonight. But the thought scares me.

Okay –  it was for an excellent cause. But dang – couldn’t they at least get the guy from the Fillmore East to do the amoeba light show instead of those mashup graphics in the back? Heck – he’s gotta be somewhere in New Jersey in one of those gated retirement communities…

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I’ve gotta take my nap now…

Eric Clapton performs at 12-12-12 benefit concert for Sandy victims and survivorsClapton – always at his best…
Image © Lucas Jackson / Reuters