One More Folded Sunset gives me a preview of Sunday’s destinatinon, the Lexington Candy Shop:

At the height of lunchtime, the place was crammed, and I got squeezed in at a pink table near the back, intimate neighbor to an elderly man tackling strawberry pancakes topped with mounds of whipped cream. Next to him, a young woman (grandaughter?) & his wife, tucked into a space hidden from view. The women laughed together and the man ate, silently. Around me, regulars, blondes of a certain age, sequestered in booths. Single male diners at the counter.  My dumpling of a Polish waitress, a comfort to her customers, somehow mistook my warped English accent for a Polish one, which was unlikely, disconcerting, & flattering, all at the same time. Throughout the room, unfailing politeness.

On Lexington in January, women had taken to their furs, and a couple of poodles and a sprightly fox-terrier were as well-groomed as their owners.  The avenue in winter.

lexington candy shop2 front window
Lexington Candy Shop

© Jeff Kopito