My town is now “targeted by” and  in the “inevitable path” of a “blizzard of historic proportions”, the “heaviest snowfall in the century”, and a “massive crippling blizzard”. Flights and trains have been cancelled, schools will be closed, sand and salt are inventoried, and the batteries and snow blowers are already gone from the shelves and hardware stores. The lines at the gas stations run for blocks and when stations inevitably go dry, the anxiety will get worse. The supermarkets are being stormed – an appropriate observation – while people with overflowing carts prepare to be snowed in for days, weeks, or months. Even our local power company has thrown up their hands and given up control to a British service entity who, hopefully, will keep calm and keep the lights on.

No one here has forgotten the trauma of Sandy. Least of all the media. Bless them and their hyperbole. Their brand logo should include “To inform and terrorize”.

I picked up a couple of new shovels that are bent to a shape that promises to save me from back pain. Stopped in at the market and bought up orange juice – extra pulp – some carbonated beverages, and a tub of ice cream which, if the power goes out, we’ll all have to eat quickly from large bowls with soup spoons before it melts. The horror…

larry Rhymes with Orange
by Hilary Price

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