“It is quite true what philosophy says:
that life must be understood backwards.

But then one forgets the other principle:
that it must be lived forwards.”

― Søren Kierkegaard

father holding son

Our father holding my older brother in front of
our apartment building on Williams Avenue, Brooklyn
Photo ca. 1930’s

Stumbled across this quote a few minutes ago and thought of this photo. Following our road trip to the old neighborhood, the complications and contradictions exposed are apparent in both quote and context.

From Good Prose-The Art of Non-Fiction:

If you can go back to the source and see your memories whole, you can create truer versions of what you remember. You tell the stories as accurately and artfully as your abilities allow. If you succeed you replace the fragments of memory with something that has its own shape and meaning, a separate thing that has value in itself. the past becomes an assertion that your life is of the present and the future.

How much is memory and how much is imagination? If you study it long enough, even the photo becomes fantasy…