…what exactly were you expecting?

belle up close Baby Belle thinks about it…
© Jeff Kopito

From an interview with photographer Saul Leiter:

I’m not like those photographers who went up to the top of the mountain and hung over and took a picture that everyone said was impossible and then went home and printed it and sold 4,000 copies of it and then went on and on with one great achievement after another.

Max Kozloff said to me one day, ‘You’re not really a photographer. You do photography, but you do it for your own purposes – your purposes are not the same as others’. I’m not quite sure what he meant, but I like that. I like the way he put it.”

Look for In No Great Hurry, a very soon to be released film about Leiter…

Taking the Zen path of no resistance today…

[h/t to Alex Belth at Bronx Banter for the lead to Leiter…]