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Been highly distracted and disorganized this week lost somewhere in the nether world that develops from chronic lack of sleep. After two weeks of trying to tough it out on my own and then two weeks of antibiotic and decongestants for a sinus infection, the doc hit me up with a week long course of steroids to help me bring my head back down to a normal hat size. Infections of this (un)kind never run their normal course for me. The remnants of cancer treatment do leave their mark like initials carved in an old tree’s bark.

Stayed up late last night finishing Christopher Hitchen’s Mortality, his final insights into his body and response to both disease and treatment. I’m sorry that I turned away from him after his inexplicable support of the Iraq invasion and didn’t rediscover him until after he had passed away.

Will be heading to the library today and picking up  my reserved copy of Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell. I had tuned into a review of the book on NPR during drive time the other morning and listened to a few excerpts. Looking forward to her prose and storytelling.

Onward we go into the weekend!

[h/t to Awesome People Reading for the photo…can’t find the original source…Eve Arnold? Alfred Eisenstaedt?..]