Artist, writer, designer, and photographer Bear Kirkpatrick writes about your work being judged:

…one could, for example, realize that all of our judges are going to be subjective, and that even the best work is going to get ridiculed and lambasted, and take that understanding as a way of saying: that fact cannot be helped, it is beyond my control…

…to get a beating once in a while (not too often!) is a good thing because it can be used to remind us of this subjectivity, and remind us to realize the best course of thought and action is always that which keeps us making work, exploring, and having a little fun or even a lot fun.  To control what we can, and let go of what we cannot. When a creator begins to try and control that which he cannot–when he starts to bend his work to fit this or that aesthetic–he has violated the essential joy of being a creator, he has turned his back on the gods.

Wallportrait-Lena-web Wallportrait Lena
© Bear Kirkpatrick

[h/t to Aline Smithson and Lenscratch for the lead-in to the artist…]