Peter Goldmark explores the new marriage contract:

E-nups are agreements couples make before or during a marriage or relationship to regulate circumstances in which they will use cellphones, iPads, laptops, etc.

The need for an e-nup arises out of a couple’s search for a strong interpersonal relationship and a life of shared meaning…

…parts of the document propose flat restrictions on when electronic instruments can be used:

“We will not engage with our phones or work on our laptops at all in the following circumstances . . .

During meals together

When spending intentional time together (e.g., taking a walk, going to an event together, cuddling in bed)

When our daughter is present

During movies, plays, etc.

In social situations (i.e., with a group of friends)

In a confined space with others, even if it’s “default time” (i.e., car, public transportation, elevator, etc.)”

…Zoe and Kenny have been working on this agreement for nearly a year and are on their fourth draft. One of the other women I spoke with said she and her husband were considering making their agreement legally binding.

There…feel better now?

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by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman