…and what are you reading this weekend?

vintage new york Washington Square NYC, 1943
John Vachon, photographer
via Library of Congress

Still digging in and digging out of life’s everyday bits and frustrations…but will definitely pick up again on Philip Lopate’s, Portrait Inside My Head  [ buy | borrow ]. I’m already into his first essay about his memories of Brooklyn and the struggle of his family through the economics and culture of my home borough.

I’ll also be looking for Snow Falling On Cedars at my local library. Just finished watching the film last night with Ethan Hawke and Youki Kudoh as the leads in this beautifully filmed and acted story about first loves not forgotten against the backdrop of the cultural frustrations and prejudices that immediately followed World War II. It’s both a romance and murder mystery worth watching and as is my habit, going for the book to fill in what the movie left out.

Onward we go – hopefully Old Man Winter has finally left the northeast…

[h/t to NYC Past for the lead in to the photo…]