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Northport LI
© Jeff Kopito

Got two out of three spring machines running as of yesterday. Stopped in at the local gardening supply and picked up a lock washer for a mower that’s starting to show it’s age. Gassed up with some propane and put the table and chairs out onto the deck. Bit premature maybe since winter is still tickling us with a bit of a chill. The hostas and tulips don’t seem to mind – they’re all coming up for some spring air and sun.

Heading into NYC today to celebrate a birthday for a returned city son. Catching an early train so we can stop in at  Artichoke Basille’s for some fresh out-of-the-oven pizza – it’s all about the sauce and the snap of the crust. Then on to the Strand bookstore for a quick dig thru the stacks.

It’s a day of all the rest…