..and where will you be reading this weekend?

tumblr_mltrh67mNs1qednp7o1_500 Homem lê o jornal, sentado num candeeiro público, enquanto
uma revolução acontece debaixo dele.
(Eng. Man reading newspaper, sitting on a public lamp,
while a revolution happens beneath him
photo by Carlos Gil
Image via Awesome People Reading

I’ll be wandering from room to room with a copy of After Visiting Friends by Michael Hainey. Came across the review in the NY Times Sunday Book Review, which I don’t ordinarily read, but the subtitle “A Son’s Story” caught my eye. I’m always interested in son-for-father searches.

I was a bit put off by the description of Hainey’s style as ” nubby prose, favoring nouns over verbs…absurdly terse…other parts are packed.” But after a few paragraphs, I realized his style and cadence were exactly like mine.

You find friends in the strangest places…