Somehow making it into a review of Iron Man 3:

Growing up on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma, I never knew my mom, but I was fortunate to be raised by my dad. He considered himself a bit of an engineering genius. He worked at Jiffy Lube until I was six when he was fired for his inebriated candid conversation about the tricks of the trade ripping off customers to a undercover local news team of investigative reporters from the reservation’s two-year college annex media program.

After that, being a Native American, he collected his welfare checks from the government which generously surpassed what he was making actually holding a job. He felt his time could be more effectively used to develop his engineering skills when he wasn’t drunk or passed out for days at a time. One of the crowning achievements was the iCheese Radio that he hoped to sell one day. Much like a potato, he was able to power a radio from a block of government cheese. He tried other cheeses, but he only had success with the government cheeses that were issued to him every other Thursday.

He died shortly after that during a microwave Cheeze Wiz accident that destroyed our trailer.

It’s Monday…go out and invent something…

by Jim Davis

[h/t for a heads-up from friend Jayr…]