…and just a few facts to keep things straight:

  • 45 trillion pages are printed annually. That’s 45 million million pages. 
  • Profits in the U.S. printing industry were up every quarter in 2010 and 2011.
  • Printing within the automotive industry alone amounted to $432 billion.
  • While some people complain that printing has an environmental impact, remember that sending (and reading) spam email wastes 33 billion kilowatt-hours annually (equivalent to 3.1 million cars on the road).
  • Since 2004, direct mail response rates are up 14%, while email marketing response rates are down 57% (maybe we’re just not falling for those Liberian lottery stories anymore).
  • Believe it or not, 96% of news reading is still done using print.
  • The average person uses twice as much electricity in powering on a single computer than the energy used in producing all the paper they use in a year.
  • Thanks to ecological initiatives, the print industry is actually one of the most sustainable industries. The Forest Stewardship Council has had a positive impact on forestry and paper manufacturing, and designers now have ample resources for sustainable paper choices from FSC-certified suppliers. 

There is no strange irony that I present this to you on a digital platform. Then again, once I sign off, I’ve got my breakfast waiting along with the daily papers.

The comics section first, of course….

by Jim Davis