A letter Mark Twain wrote to his brother in 1874 using his new typewriter:

Twain_letter_595From Print magazine
The 1952 Typewriter Issue
via Letterology

My last IBM Selectric is still sitting in the basement looking a bit worn for lack of use. I’ve been tempted to plug it in and hit the keys for a bit but so far we’re both waiting for the proper moment. Supplies like cartridge ribbons, correction tape, and even the switchable type balls are still out there. But right now we’re just circling each other waiting for the first move. Love is a complicated thing.

This weekend I’ve got two Philip Levine poetry books by the bedside – The Simple Truth and News Of The World. Picked up on him after reading this essay in the summer issue of The Threepenny Review.

Meanwhile the in-laws will be landing tomorrow for their semi-annual stay and I’ll be the official driver for the week. The Brunette unfortunately broke two bones in her driving foot after tripping on a handicap access ramp I built for Old Pepper. Don’t ask.

What will you be driving this weekend?