I heard it on the radio

Two rare, antique books stolen from the Swedish royal family have been returned to their rightful owners.

…the books were stolen from the National Library of Sweden in the 1990s and ended up in the unsuspecting hands of a Baltimore book seller.

“There’s a chain of ownership that goes with great objects and that chain was broken before it got to me. And it behooved me to recreate that chain and get this great intellectual material back to Sweden where it belonged,” said (store owner Stephan) Loewentheil.

One of the works is a 19th century illustrated text of the Mississippi River. The other is 17th century French book on the Louisiana Territory. The two books are estimated to be worth about $200,000, Diamond reported.

“It’s a book about America before it was America. But it belongs to Sweden,” FBI Assistant Director George Venizelos said at the repatriation ceremony.

About America. Before it was America. And it belongs to Sweden.


That being settled – it’s Monday. Feel better now?

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by Jim Davis

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