lincoln 1956 Lincoln Premier
© Jeff Kopito

Me and The Brunette wandered over to the Oyster Bay Cruise Night that meets weekly out here on Long Island. It was all a  time machine with metal, paint, leather, and chrome from the 40’s thru the 70’s. This is the powerhouse Detroit was reflecting culture and style with designs that simply put the plastic and foam jellybean shapes of today to shame.

We wandered from car to car, staring into our reflections in the flawless finishes of Chevrolets, Buicks, Chryslers, Oldsmobiles, Fords, and Pontiacs. Growing up in Brooklyn, every September I would wander over to Goldring Motors on Kings Highway to see the new models – it’s where I fell in love with fastback Barracudas and Buick Rivieras.

We saw the cars that I once wanted – the GTO’s and 442’s that growled their way right into my teenage heart. I looked for the ’65 Chevy Impala SS I did own for a brief time and although i didn’t see it, I did see its parents and siblings, with engines that felt familiar to my eyes and hands.

The ’56 Lincoln above was built with luxury and science. It had power seats, power steering, power windows, AM radio with power antenna, air conditioning with overhead vents, and  a massive 368 cubic inch V-8 with dual exhausts. It fed you style with tinted glass, wide whitewall tires, and fender skirts.  At nearly a dollar a pound, the car weighed in at 4,300 lbs. and $4,600.00. Want one today? Run you ’bout $40,000.00 and up. And they’re exceedingly rare – only about 19,000 built that year. So forget about kicking tires and haggling. If you want it, you buy it. Then get happy.

(Notes on above photo – been playing with a filter bundle from Topaz Labs – they offer a generous month long trial that I was glad to download. Used the Simplify and Adjust filters via Photoshop Elements. Got a couple more I played with – but that’s it for now. Bundle trial expired yesterday. So gonna have to wait until I put up the cash. And here I was saving for a ’56 Lincoln…)