..and Ninja Kitty demands to know what you’ll be reading this weekend!

ninja kitty

As you can see in my holding area – also known as the dining room table – I’ve got Alice Munro’s Dear Life in the queue as well as Letty Cottin Pogrebin’s How To Be A Friend To A Friend Who’s Sick. I’ve recently taken on the role as co-facilitator of my cancer support group and suddenly find myself at the front of the room with what I feel is the great responsibility for people’s well being and outlook. I’m always looking for insight and guidance myself and reading thru the Pogrebin book, there’s plenty of wisdom for caregivers, friends, and family out there.

I’m also finishing up LIly Tuck’s I Married You for Happiness, which takes place in a single evening as a woman tends to her husband’s passing and reminisces about her marriage. It reminded me of a very short piece of fiction I once took a stab at. Lesson learned – sometimes you just have to stay with things a bit longer…

Onward into the weekend!