To add some support to this previous post, CNBC reports that the rumors of the demise of books and bookstores may be highly premature:

“Sales from independent bookstores in 2012 were up eight percent over 2011,” said Dan Cullen a spokesman for the American Booksellers Association, a nonprofit trade group of independent bookstores.

“We’ve got people opening new bookstores and people buying into existing ones,” he said. Talk of the death of independent bookstores “as a result of the big-box stores was premature at best,” he added.

Some 1,000 independent bookstores went out of business between 2000 and 2007…But the ABA said that since 2009, the number of independent bookstores has risen 19 percent, to 1,971.

Keebe Fitch at McIntyre’s Books said, “We didn’t want to be a superstore, so we learned how to get books that people couldn’t find online, and to cater as much as we could to the customer. When a customer walks in, we try to make them feel wanted and at home. It’s a very personal experience.”

Go walk the stacks. You can find a local independent bookseller in your area by searching here

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used booksPhoto via Flickr by Raoul Luoar