Been a bit of a slog into the week. We know that every day has only so many minutes and so many hours. Yet it all seems to compress or expand with the filters we apply.

Taking a trip up thru the Hudson Valley for the next few days. #1 Son is hanging back to watch after Old Pepper, Baby Belle, and Prince Ninja Kitty. We’ll be making stops in Saugerties, Hudson, and Troy to see books, artwork, and family.

I’ll be taking along Josh Hanagarne’s bio, The World’s Strongest Librarian. From the book jacket:

Large for his age, Josh was playing the role of Tree in his elementary school play when he suddenly started twitching uncontrollably. Turns out the tree had Tourette Syndrome.

By the time Josh turned twenty, his tics had become too drastic to ignore. Desperate for liberation, Josh tried all possible treatments:  well-intentioned chiropractic massage from a future convict, antipsychotic drugs that left him in a fog; even Botox injected directly into his vocal cords to paralyze them, which left him voiceless for two years.

It turned out to be weightlifting that provided the most lasting relief, as Josh learned to “throttle” his tics into submission in the weight room. Under guidance from an eccentric, autistic strongman—and former Air Force tech sergeant and prison guard in Iraq—Josh quickly went from lifting dumbbells and barbells to performing increasing elaborate feats (like rolling up frying pans and bending spikes).

At an imposing 6’7″ and literally incapable of sitting still, Josh is certainly not your average librarian. He is an aspiring strongman, bookish nerd, twitch guy with Tourette Syndrome, devoted family man, and tearer of phone books. 

Hanagarne is currently a librarian in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He’s even got a blog

Books, weights, hormones, tics, and disorders. What could be bad?